About the PCSG

We are the voice of primary care gastroenterology, a voice that is listened to by those making decisions which affect primary care.

Gastrointestinal and digestive disorders account for one in ten consultations in primary care and the same proportion of referrals to specialists. The costs of investigations and prescribing for gastrointestinal complaints are considerable. Decisions about commissioning and clinical governance in gastroenterology require primary care input and national policy in gastroenterology also needs to be informed by GPs and their community based colleagues. The PCSG is ideally placed to provide educational resources, advice and support through consultation with committee members and dialogue with our large and experienced membership.

Since our launch in 1985, the Society has forged strong links with several organisations both nationally and internationally.  Bodies such as the British Society of Gastroenterology, the Royal College of Physicians, NICE, and the RCGP all consult us regularly on gastroenterological subjects so that policies and guidelines can be influenced by primary care.

We also represent GPs who carry out endoscopy in both primary and secondary care settings and on JAG, and we are developing processes of our own to support appraisal, revalidation and accreditation.

Our committee and the PCSG membership are strongly placed to offer advice to colleagues and our industry. Our mission is to promote primary care gastroenterology. We believe that education, clinical excellence and research are essential and the opportunities to contribute to health care immense.


The PCSG has issued evidence-based decision points in the management of Helicobacter pylori, the early detection of colo-rectal cancer and most recently the management of coeliac disease in primary care. Our aim is to produce guidelines backed by research evidence that are relevant and accessible to working general practitioners. Further guidelines are planned and all are available from the secretariat or from this website.


The Society also believes that, because the bulk of patients with gastroenterological disorders are managed in primary care, there is a great opportunity for primary care based research. The Society holds an annual scientific meeting and also a session at the annual British Society of Gastroenterology meeting where original papers are presented and issues concerning gastroenterology in primary care are discussed and debated. A small number of research grants are awarded for suitable projects.


Academic departments and pharmaceutical companies submit research projects involving primary care gastroenterology to the PCSG each year. They wish to find GPs with an interest in gastroenterology who are willing to take part. If you might be interested in participating in some of these research projects, please email Dr Richard Stevens via the secretariat the following details:

    • – Contact details[name,addresses,phone,fax,email]
    • – Brief Curriculum Vitae
    • – Any specific areas of clinical interest
    • – Brief details of research you have been involved in the last 3 years

We will contact interested colleagues when we have a project submitted to the PCSG. Your personal information will be kept confidential and not released to a third party unless you express the wish to become involved in a specific project.




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