Channel 4 Require GP for Obesity documentary

The show is commissioned by Channel 4 and will be looking at the story of two separate individuals who have become housebound due to severe weight gain. Both individuals have a weight of 40st+ and whilst not bedbound, do find it very difficult to leave the house.

We will follow their journey over an 8 month period, where, supported by a medical team comprised of a GP, dietitian, psychologist and surgeon, who are all the top of their field in the area of treating obesity, they will attempt to turn their lives around.

We are on the lookout for an excellent GP would form part of this medical team, with a specialist background in treating super morbid obesity. Filming involvement would comprise a few days spread over an 8 month period. The contributors are based in Birmingham and Cheltenham, so filming (at least initially) would take place at these locations.

Contact: Erica Jenkin on 020 3150 2725 or email her via if you would like more details.

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