State of the Art: Update on T-Cell Lymphomas

State of the Art: Update on T-Cell Lymphomas

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With chairs Simon Wagner and Martin Dyer

This meeting is a new initiative intended to provide attendees from across the UK with a unique clinical and scientific update on T-cell lymphomas, genetics, diagnostics, research and treatment.

This field has seen important advances in understanding of disease biology over the past few years and there have also been important discoveries on the genetics of T-cell lymphoma which will undoubtedly lead to new classifications.

The programme is designed to combine high calibre lectures on diagnosis and clinical management with scientific updates from UK and European speakers.

There will be interactive discussions to provide opportunities for update on current issues within the management of lymphomas.

Please click on the link below to see the programme:

Registration fees: Early Bird – until 11th December 2015

£40 Trainees/Nurses 

£60 Consultants 

£90 Fixed fee for all grades thereafter

Register online at or by emailing with your full details.

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