Pre-Course Assessment

Pre-Course Assessment

There are 30 questions in this pre-course evaluation. All questions are multiple choice and mainly have one correct answer. Where more than one answer maybe correct the question will usually say either ‘choose X number of options’ or ‘tick all that apply’.

The questions are in a logical sequence covering the oesophagus, endoscopy and the stomach though you can move around the test and review your answers.

The objective of the test is not to research each question before answering, it is to measure your current working knowledge of some upper GI conditions and diseases we often come across in primary care. The resultant score will be used not to measure you, but provide a baseline from which we can measure the impact of the course across all participants.

Please complete before embarking on the course. Once you click start you have a maximum of 40 minutes, must answer all the questions and you cannot retake the test. Thank you.

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